You can never know everything, and sometimes a different perspective is all you need.

You’ll have gathered by now that education is one of our passions. 

We believe that open conversations shatter myths and stereotypes; not just around rape and sexual abuse but how to work with people who have had those experiences too. 

Things change and time moves on. Society’s understanding gets greater as more and more people share their stories. But our own knowledge and style of working doesn’t always shift with that. 

Our training for professionals can put a fresh spin on the way you think, refresh the stuff you already know and give you a different understanding into your client’s needs. 

For those who are responsible for sourcing PSHE then our consent training may be just the thing you’re looking for. 

And counsellors, we can also help you with your CPD requirements.


Using the acclaimed BBC 3 Is This Rape film, we get into the nitty gritty of consent, British teenagers and sex. 

Using groupwork and discussion we guide people through to a better understanding of consent. 

We often deliver our consent training in schools, but also find that adults learn a lot too. It’s always an interesting debate and using film means that the messages can be taken in by every style of learner.

We find that showing teenagers situations that they possibly find themselves, or their friends, in at parties makes it much easier to relate to, rather than being lectured at from the front of a classroom. 

And for those professionals who are working with children and young people, it’s an eye opening look at their reality now. 

We need 2 hours of your time and we’ll bring everything we need with us. 

Please contact us directly for our fees and with any questions. 

Other training packages

We’re right in the middle of revamping our training packages so keep checking back, get in touch to chat or join our community and hear about when new training sessions are happening. 

We like to keep things fresh and make sure we’re using our teams experience to deliver the very best training for you.