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Training and consent training for schools

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As well as supporting survivors and their families, we are also passionate about education.

Our staff team is available to deliver talks, presentations and training to a variety of groups and agencies about the work we do and enlightening people on different aspects of rape and sexual violence.



Our main training package is concerning the topic of consent. We currently deliver this to Year 11 students within local schools.

Utilising the BBC 3 “Is This Rape?” DVD, this two hour session explores issues around consent with teenagers. Discussions and questions around the film, as well as imparting information in an easily digestible format, our consent training delivers an understanding of consent, the parameters of sexual abuse / violence, helps to keep young people safe and aware of their own boundaries, provides an understanding of the legalities surrounding consent and rape (including sexting) and provides information on where to access support

A recent testimonial from a Boston Borough Council Community Safety Officer:

I visited a local school to watch Neil deliver the consent training recently after finding out about Trust House Lincolnshire and what they aim to achieve and was interested in seeing for myself how the message of consent was delivered to young people. I was pleasantly surprised at the whole session, it’s content, the message and the way he kept a whole assembly hall full of year 11 boys engaged throughout the 2 hour session; not an easy task by any means.

The information given was accurate, informative and looking at the expressions of the boys during the session was “sinking in”. Neil had a great rapport with the group and answered questions (of which there were many due to the levels of engagement) in great detail to ensure everyone understood and was able to challenge misconceptions in a sensitive manner.

I believe this session should be mandatory for all upper schools and colleges – this is a subject that creates confusion and lack of understanding between young people and the information given through videos, talking and workshops should be seen to lead the way in getting the subject of consent out in the open to all young people. Young people need to know the consequences of not getting consent and the way which it could affect their futures. I believe that this is a difficult subject to approach as part of the PHSE curriculum (if it is actually approached at all), but Neil delivers it in such a way that the message is clear, concise, relevant and proportionate.

I can not recommend Trust House Lincolnshire delivering the Consent training highly enough.

Please be aware that we require a two hour time slot to deliver this training.

If you are interested in booking this training for your school or college please visit the Lincolnshire County Counsel Stay Safe Partnership website.

We work with schools, councils, health authorities and many other agencies. We are happy to discuss your needs and put together a bespoke package. To discuss your requirements and to find out our fees please contact us 01476 579379 or email [email protected]


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