The Purple Door Trust House Lincolnshire

The purple door


The phone call made,

The nerves set in,

It’s time to let my journey begin,

Counselling, what does it mean?

I need to know before I scream.

What goes on behind the purple door?


The door is opened with a cheery smile,

A quick chat, and a cuppa,

And now it’s time,

A comfy room, that’s warm and safe,

It’s time to talk to that non-judgemental face.

All behind the purple door.


It takes a while to let things go,

But when you do, it’s safe to know,

Your space is free to speak your mind,

As that face, is just so kind.

All behind the purple door.


The mountain high,

Your journey long,

But now you’ve started, you can be strong.

Days are lighter

Nights not so dark,

I think I’ve even heard a lark,

Just outside the purple door.


My journeys ending,

What can I say,

My pain has almost gone away,

My life has changed,

“You don’t forget”

I’m reassured I’ve got a safety net,

Always behind the purple door.



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