If you're studying at the University of Lincoln, you can see one of our counsellors over there.

We work closely with the University of Lincoln to provide our counselling services to the university community, without you having to travel to Grantham. 

Whether your experience happened recently, or years ago we can support you. 

And if you’re finding that the effects are impacting on your studies, we can work with the Student Wellbeing Team to get you some support with that too. 

The whole process can happen at the Student Wellbeing Centre on campus, meaning minimal travel and less disruption to your daily life. 

You'll need to speak to the team at the Student Wellbeing Centre

Give them a call on 01522 886400 and let them know that you would like to talk about being referred to Trust House Lincolnshire for counselling.

They’ll let us know and our Lead Counsellor for the University, Lizzy, will get in touch with you. 

She’ll explain everything, but in a nutshell you will meet with her for an assessment and then, if we’re the right people to help you, she’ll find the best counsellor for you. You’ll be able to complete the whole process on the campus. 

If you don’t want to let the Wellbeing Centre know what’s going on for you then you can get in touch with us directly but you may have to travel to Grantham to be seen.