Pledge a counselling session

We don't believe that money should be a barrier to someone getting the support they need. So we don't charge for our counselling sessions. Can you pledge a counselling session for someone who needs our help?

Trust House Lincolnshire counselling

Sexual violence affects every part of someones life. And for many people it’s several years before they can reach out for the help they need.

And then they are often met with barriers. 

  • Local specialised support isn’t always available. 
  • Private counselling can often be expensive and not within someones budget. 
  • Waiting lists for help can be long. 

That price is too high for us. 

Which is why we don’t charge for our counselling sessions and most people find themselves sat with their counsellor within a  few weeks. 

How you can help

£20 covers the cost of one counselling session and you can help someone to start their journey to work through the impact of sexual violence.

Though one session is not enough to move through their experience, that first session is often the hardest. 

Help someone to reach out and find the help they need is there when they need it.  

Trust House Lincolnshire counselling

£100 will cover five sessions. That’s one each week for a month and you can make sure that someone has access to a safe place to talk and start to move forward. 

We don’t put a limit on how many counselling sessions someone can have with us, and a month on, the work is often just beginning.

Pledge a month’s worth of sessions and help someone to feel heard, safe and believed.  

Help us to be there for more people when they reach out for support