Small but perfectly formed

Our volunteers make up the largest part of our team, but there are 6 paid staff in the office. 

We come from a wide range of backgrounds, have a ton of experience and can turn our hands to most things. 

Neil Wells - Chief Executive Officer (or The Boss!)

With us and managing the service since the start, Neil has a background in finance and working for charities. He pushes our service forward, finding ways to make our plans a reality.

If you’re putting the kettle on: Strong tea, milk, no sugar.

Tracy Cryer - Clinical Lead and Clinical Supervisor

Overseeing all of our therapeutic services and supervising our counsellors, Tracy has a wealth of experience as a counsellor, supervisor and working with children and families, as well as adults. 

If you’re putting the kettle on: Strong Decaff tea, milk, no sugar. 

Michelle Tasker - Lead Counsellor for Children's Services

Michelle started with us a volunteer but joined the staff team recently. She leads with our children and young people services; supporting the people who need us and pushing the service forward. 

If you’re putting the kettle on: Strong coffee, milk, no sugar. 

Lizzy Bickerton - Lead Counsellor for University Services

With a background of working with young people, Lizzy focuses on our service at the University of Lincoln, making sure that students can get the help they need when they need it.

If you’re putting the kettle on: Coffee, milk, no sugar.

Sian Reynolds - Communication and Development Officer

Sian has been with us from the very beginning. With a background of working in mental health and digital media, she supports all parts of the service and grows our online spaces.

If you’re putting the kettle on: Coffee, milk, 1/2 to 3 sugars depending on the day!