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There are thousands of people affected by rape and sexual abuse in Lincolnshire. Many survivors of rape and sexual abuse struggle to tell anyone about their experiences and stay silent, sometimes for their whole lives. Our helpline can be a more comfortable first step for people.

Whether you have experienced rape or sexual abuse recently or in the past, no matter how long ago, we can provide emotional support, referrals to our counselling services and Independent Sexual Violence Advisor services along with signposting to other agencies that may be able to support you.

helpline number

When you phone us you will be speaking to someone who will not judge you. Nor will they push you to access support you are not ready for yet. They will listen to you and talk to you about what you want to do.

We do not provide counselling over this number but we can listen to you and provide you with a safe space to be accepted and believed.

We also offer support information and advice for the family, friends and supporters of survivors on this number.

Our helpline is manned by volunteers so there may be times when someone is not available to answer your call. However, there is an answer machine where you can leave your name and contact number and a member of our team will be back to you as soon as possible.

things you might want to know

You do not have to give us your name, or you can make one up if you would prefer to.

We will not record your call. We will note that a call was received and how long it was for along with some other details but nothing that can identify you.

Your phone number will not show up on our phones.

Our number will show on your phone bill or on your mobile phone log.

Calls to our helpline number are not free, they will be charged at your standard network rate.

Helpline: 01476 570284



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