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Our aims and objectives

Trust House Lincolnshire mission statement

We believe that every individual has the right to be free from all forms of sexual violence and abuse.


Trust House Lincolnshire's vision

Everyone who is affected by rape and sexual abuse across Lincolnshire can access appropriate support as needed.


Trust House Lincolnshire values

Non-judgemental – within our actions and work.
Supportive and nurturing growth – within our clients, our team, professional agencies and the public.
Challenging – perceptions, beliefs and stigma held and faced by survivors, professional agencies and the public.


Trust House Lincolnshire aims

• To place survivors at the heart of what we do and seek to empower individuals to work through and beyond their experience of abuse.
• To provide appropriate support to men, women and children affected by rape and sexual abuse in Lincolnshire.
• To provide appropriate support to the friends, families and supporters of survivors of rape and sexual abuse across Lincolnshire.
• To work in partnership with local agencies to create a robust support network across the county.
• To deliver training and education to the public and agencies, raising awareness of the needs of survivors.
• To campaign at both local and national levels; raising awareness of the effects of rape and sexual abuse and also reducing the stigma associated with rape and sexual abuse.


Trust House Lincolnshire objectives

• Increase delivery of counselling and ISVA services by 100% within 1 year.
• Promote helpline availability, thus increasing support accessible to survivors and their supporters outside of the counselling and ISVA remit.
• Utilise existing digital media to widen our reach to survivors and supporters, providing a full range of access points, information, education and support.
• Increase digital media followers (specifically Facebook and Twitter) by 100% within 1 year, thus further increasing the number of people we can reach across the county and beyond.
• Advertise and promote our full range of services, including training provision, county wide, to ensure that harder to reach communities are included within this plan.
• Design and deliver training programmes adapted to individual agency needs. Training delivery is to cover a broad range of agencies encompassing local authorities, schools, colleges and the non-profit sector amongst others.
• Campaign to raise awareness and increase education around the issues faced by survivors, along with education around issues of rape and sexual abuse.


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