Hi Everybody,

Neil Wells here, CEO of Trust House Lincolnshire and I’ve been Running for Hope.

The hope that the people who need us can reach out and find us waiting there. The hope our clients feel when they finally walk through the front door of our building and find the help and support they need to work through their experiences and find the path towards the future.

And the hope that one day no one will need our help.

We’re here to support, empower and educate around sexual violence. As well as supporting men, women and children who have been affected by rape and sexual abuse, we exist to educate and to keep having an open conversation. So no one feels the need to hide, or to feel ashamed, to break down the myths and stereotypes and to keep showing people what’s not ok.

I`m pleased to say I completed the Oxford Half marathon on Sunday in a time of 1 hour 53 minutes and 13 seconds.

It was emotional both physically and mentally. Training had been great in the build-up and the early morning runs at 05:30 certainly helped on the day. At mile 10 I hit the so called `WALL` whereby my legs felt like lead, and I struggled thereafter wanting to walk or indeed stop, I continued and managed to complete the distance.

What kept me going? 

It was simply the thought of how difficult each step is for my clients that reach out for help and walk into my centre at Trust house Lincolnshire, a cliché but true nonetheless.

So far I have raised £345 and need your help to reach my target of £500.

I truly hope that with all our supporters, friends, family and colleagues we can achieve my target of £500.  Please help!

Any donations are greatly received and goes a long way to continuing the services offered.

I hope that one day nobody needs our help but until that day comes, let’s make sure we are available.

Thank you all.

You can also watch Neil talk about his emotions during the run in our latest YouTube video.

If you’d like to support Neil’s run for hope then there’s still time to donate over on his Just Giving page.

Neil Wells, CEO talks about his Run for Hope