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Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Support (ISVA)



Due to funding issues our ISVA service is temporarily suspended for new referrals. Current ISVA clients will still be supported and we will let you know as soon as we can accept new ISVA referrals. Our counselling service is not affected and we are still accepting counselling referrals. For ISVA support in Lincolnshire please contact Spring Lodge on 01522 524402



An Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) is trained to look after your needs and to ensure that you receive care and understanding. They can provide you with practical support and advice after you have experienced rape or sexual abuse, whether it happened recently or in the past.

report to the police

Our ISVA is there to provide you with information only, and you are not expected to report any offence to the police. They will talk through other options with you, such as submitting anonymous information to the police.

They will help you understand how the criminal justice process works, and will explain things to you, such as what will happen if you report to the police, and the importance of forensic DNA retrieval. They are not legally trained but they can help you to understand your options and explain the process to you.

guiding hand

Though our ISVA works alongside the police, they are completely independent from them and work for Trust House Lincolnshire.

If you choose to report the offence to the police then our ISVA will support you through the process by liaising with the police, courts and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and keeping you up to date with what is happening. Our ISVA will advocate on your behalf and can support you before and during any court case, including going to meetings and interviews with you.

practical support

Our ISVA can also work with you on other practical issues such as sexual health, housing and benefits by letting you know what other agencies can support you. They will support you through the process of contacting them.

ISVA’s do not provide counselling but do provide non-judgemental support; they are there for you and can refer you to our counselling services if you would like that to happen.

If you would like to talk to us about accessing our ISVA service then please ring 01476 579379, email [email protected] or download one of our referral forms.

Client referral form pdf


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