We opened our doors in 2015, backed with funding from the Ministry of Justice to support those who had been affected by rape or sexual abuse in Lincolnshire.

Counselling is the heart of our service but we’re not content with stopping there. 

We want to be driving a conversation, shattering myths and making it clear that rape and sexual abuse is NEVER ok. 

We know that society still has a lot to learn so we focus on training too. 

Sometimes we head into schools to talk about consent and sometimes we’re helping professionals gain the specialised knowledge they need in their work. 

It's quite simple really...

We care and we’re determined to keep going until we’re not needed anymore. 

We’ll keep having those conversations and making sure that men, women and children in Lincolnshire who have been affected by rape and sexual abuse can get the support they need. 

But they aren't a secret...

Our volunteers

We know that we have some of the best volunteers around. They give up their time for free and work tirelessly to support people to move forward. 

They’re a dedicated lot, always behind what we’re doing and help us drive our vision forward. 

The people we support

The reason why we’re doing this, and some of our greatest supporters.

Many are with us for a long time (we never put a limit on how many counselling sessions someone can have) and over time we build some amazing relationships. 

We learn from everyone who walks through our front door and often once people leave our service they help us in any way they can. Whether that’s through fundraising, spreading the word that we exist and the work we’re doing or simply sending a card to say thank you. 

Our community

The people who support us , no matter their reason. Our community are the people who want to know what we’re up to. They want to hear about our campaigns, how they can help us raise funds and support us to have as many open conversations as possible. 

They’re the people who remember us when someone they know needs us, they share our posts on social media so we get in front of as many people as possible and they’re the ones who let us chat to them in their email inbox. 

Our staff team

There’s 5 of us (but hey, we’ve doubled in size!) and we all come from different backgrounds. Between us we have a wide range of experience and there’s not a lot we can’t turn our hands to. 

We all share the same vision – a world where we’re not needed. But until then we’ll keep going, coming up with new ideas and making sure that everyone who needs us knows that we’re here. 

And ok, maybe coffee and biscuits helps us too!