And it's surprising how much of difference the smallest amount can make.

Can we lay our cards out on the table? 

We’re a charity. And a really small one at that. We also work in a sector where a lot of people don’t want to talk to us. 

Sometimes they’re embarrassed and don’t know what to say. Sometimes they don’t want to acknowledge that rape and sexual abuse is problem these days. Some people think we should sweep it all under the carpet. And for some people talking to us brings back too many painful memories. 

We get it. We really do. But we do need some help. 

Since we started in 2015 our funding from the government has been cut a lot. We’re lucky enough to be supported by some amazing local businesses and other wonderful people but we do need to spend a good chunk of our time raising money so that we can be here until we’re not needed. 

We will never charge our clients for counselling. Not being able to pay should never be a reason why someone can’t get the help they need. 

So let’s talk money.

£5 helps us cover the cost of 12 pints of milk, 10 toilet rolls and 4 bottles of hand wash a week. 

£10 helps us keep our counselling doors open to those who need us.

£25 helps us train new volunteer counsellors so we can support even more people.

So can you help us?

Just Giving

The way to donate that you’re probably most familiar with!

Whether it’s a one off or a monthly donation, this is the way that a lot of people choose to donate to the charities close to their hearts. 

This is also the place to head if you’re wanting to fundraise for us through Just Giving and have the ability to link your page to ours. 


Lottery SK

How does the chance of winning up to £25,000 for yourself sound?

Lottery SK is our latest way to donate, whilst possibly winning something for yourself too.

Lottery SK has been set up by South Kesteven District Council to support local good causes, and we’re one of them!

Each ticket costs £1, with 50% coming straight back to us and a further 10% heading to a community fund. 

You can buy one (or more!) tickets each week, set up a monthly Direct Debit and that’s it until you decide to stop. 

Winner winner chicken dinner! 

Pledge a counselling session for someone who needs our support

You can make sure that there’s a session waiting for someone when they reach out for help.

Find out more how you can make the pledge that the support will be there for someone in Lincolnshire who has been affected by rape or sexual abuse.

Do it your way

Maybe you want to do something different to support us?

Perhaps you have something more specific in mind? 

We’ve had people jump out of planes, swim miles and put their running shoes on to raise money for us.

Whatever your thing is, if you want to fundraise that way then we’re all ears. 

And it doesn’t have to be something big either. 

We have a DVD and book spot in our centre, where we sell people’s unwanted entertainment material.

This has been hugely successful so next time you’re having a clear out then maybe you could keep us in mind?

We also have some very talented people who sell handmade cards for us both within the centre and through their own business. 

Is your school or office looking for a local charity to support? Then a bake sale, sponsored silence, fancy dress or non-uniform day for us might be the way forward. 

Whatever your plans, or if you’re looking for inspiration then get in touch and we can go from there.  

Something a bit bigger?

If you’re looking to make a larger donation, or a way to work with us that suits your Corporate Social Responsibility policy then please get in touch with us