We're here to help

Whether your experience happened recently, or years ago taking that first step and reaching out is hard. 

We’re here to make it as easy as possible for you.

We work with men, women and children. We also support your family around you, because we know that it’s not just you who has been affected. 

We don’t charge for our counselling sessions because we don’t believe that money should be a barrier to getting the support you need.

Unlike other agencies, we don’t put a limit on how many counselling sessions you can have. You may need just a few, but if you’re with us a year later that’s absolutely fine. It’s your journey, no one is going to tell you how long that should take. 

We have both male and female counsellors, so you can say if you’d rather see one of the other. 

At the moment all of our counselling sessions are held in our Grantham centre. We’re located in the centre of town, near the bus and train stations, and we have a multi-storey car park close by too.

We’re accessible for those with mobility issues. We have ramps outside and a downstairs room too. 

How it works

What next?

Or you can download one of our referral forms now and email it back to us