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Sexual Health Clinics in Lincolnshire

If you’ve experienced rape or sexual abuse then you may want to think about getting some advice and tests through a sexual health clinic. Clinics like this can offer a range of tests to look for sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

Below is a list of NHS sexual health clinics in Lincolnshire.

Sexual Health Clinic, Riversdale Health Clinic

21 Westgate, Sleaford NG34 7PJ

01529 304310

Monday 08.15am – 16.15pm

Tuesday 3.15pm – 18.15pm

GU Medicine Department, Grantham Hospital

Manthorpe Rd, Grantham NG31 8DG

01476 565232

Monday 09.30am – 15.30pm

Tuesday 08.15am – 19.00pm

Thursday 08.30am – 19.00pm

GU Medicine Department, Boston Health Clinic
Lincoln Ln, Boston PE21 8RU

01522 309309

Monday 8.15am- 19.00pm

Wednesday 8.15am – 19.00pm

Friday 8.15am- 16.00pm

GU Medicine Department, Lindon House
Dixon St, Lincoln LN6 7TU

01522 309309

Monday 8.15am – 19.15pm

Tuesday 8.15am – 19.20pm

Wednesday 8.15am – 19.15pm

Thursday 8.15am – 18.15pm

Friday 8..15am – 15.40pm

Saturday 10.15am – 13.15pm

GU Medicine Department, Johnson Community Hospital

The Johnson Community Hospital, Spalding Rd, Pinchbeck, Spalding PE11 3DT

01775 652000

Monday 09.00am – 16.30pm

Thursday 08.30am – 19.15pm

Louth County Hospital (Primary Care Arch)

High Holme Rd, Louth LN11 0HE

01507 600100
Tuesday 10.00am – 19.00pm

Wednesday 8.15am – 1915pm

The Health Clinic, Gainsborough
Hickman St, Gainsborough DN21 2DZ

01427 810801

Monday 08.30am – 16.20pm

Wednesday 08.15am – 19.15pm

GU Medicine Department, Skegness Hospital

Dorothy Ave, Skegness PE25 2BP

01754 762401

Monday 13.20pm – 19.10pm

Thursday 13.20pm – 19.20pm


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